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Mr. Vikram Sahney single handedly sent 3 chartered flights on his own expense to Kabul to evacuate over 500 Afghani Hindu & Sikhs. He started a programme “My Family My Responsibility” for their rehabilitation in West Delhi. He is also providing free skill training to kith and kin of these refugees to make them self- reliant.

He committed himself to rehabilitate 800 Afghan Hindu and Sikh families for a period of one year to pay for their monthly rental accommodation, household expenses and will also arrange complete medical health insurance for all their family members.

Coordinated with various ministries like External Affairs, Home, Civil Aviation and Air Force for immediate evacuation of Afghan Sikh and Hindu families stranded in Afghanistan after Taliban took over the control in 2021 and continues his efforts to bring the remaining Hindus and Sikhs to India.

Mr. Vikram Sahney is providing free skilling to all Afghan refugees irrespective of their caste, creed and religion at World Skill Centre, Jail Road, Delhi run his NGO, Sun Foundation for imparting free skills to the youth and assist them in getting jobs.