MP Vikramjit Sahney visited flood hit areas, distributed Relief material

12th July 2023


Donated Flood Tents for shelter, Food kits, medicines & Fodder and other safety equipment for volunteers

Vikramjit Singh Sahney, Member of Parliament and Chairman of Sun Foundation visited the flood hit areas in and around Ropar. Sh. Sahney visited most impacted villages of Awankot, Kiratpur Sahib Dana Mandi and Anandpur Sahib.

In order to provide better facilities to the relief workers and volunteers, Sh. Sahney distributed 1000 Raincoats, 1000 Gum Boots, 1000 gloves, 100 life jackets and 500 safety gears and various other required material for effective relief work.

Shri Sahney donated 50 giant waterproof Tents to serve as temporary shelters which can accommodate over 500 people at any given time. Along with these food packets, clean drinking water, basic medicines, mosquito repellents etc. for immediate relief were disturbed thru over 100 volunteers of Sun Foundation

Sh. Sahney, also provided for 600 quintals of fodder for livestock who are worst impacted by the constant rains. Sh. said that there are many farmers living marginally, in the area, whose livelihood depends on these live stocks and the health of cattle is vital to help the flood survivors to get back to life to normalcy after the water would recede.

While interacting with the workers on site. Sh. Sahney ‘Thanked them for their continuous endeavours, under the present circumstances and commended their efforts towards evacuation.

Mr. Sahney also said that Punjab is going through trying times, but as history evidence, Punjab has the potential to survive through adversities and this shall repeat, and we all would collectively conquer the adversity brought upon with this natural calamity and shall strive for relief to the last affected.

Sh. Sahney stated that ‘Sun foundation is committed to provide every possible relief to all the flood effected and our volunteers shall dedicatedly strive and thrive in the face of this adversity.